Spotify Permissions

We take data and security very seriously and want to be as transparent as possible. To simplify things, every Rad Plaid user signs up the same way, so permissions are shared between all account types. Below is what we're doing with them now, and how we see them evolving in the future.

Get your real email address.
Spotify Scope: "user-read-email"

In order to provide a future login, and stay in communication with you—sharing upcoming show recommendations, notifying you of new features, etc—we ask for your Spotify email. Your email is always changeable, and we verify the email with you during signup.

Read your top artists and tracks.
Spotify Scope: "user-top-read"

This is easily one of the most important aspects of Rad Plaid, as we use your top artists to determine the best live music events to display and to help give realistic references to know what a show will sound like.

Manage your public playlists
Spotify Scope: "playlist-modify-public"

This speaks specifically to your public playlists. We don't see any private or collaborative playlists currently. No playlist you own or create would ever be modified by us. This is simply if we allow you to subscribe to playlists from Rad Plaid in the future, we need a way to add it to your account. We would only ever manage playlists created by us.

Manage who you are following
Spotify Scope: "user-follow-modify"

Very soon we'll be revealing much more in-depth artist pages that you can manage, and when that happens, fans will be able to follow you while also following you on Spotify. This permission allows us to handle that down the road.

Access your followers and who you are following
Spotify Scope: "user-follow-read"

This only allows us to see who you are following so we can match upcoming shows with who you follow and send emails when artists you follow have added new shows. This will also sync with Rad Plaid artist pages in the near future.

For more in-depth info on the Spotify scopes, feel free to check out the docs here:

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