Managing Email Notifications

While we take great care to never spam or overwhelm you with email, we're still only human, and sometimes you need to cut back on our communication to you. To change your email notifications, let's go to the Settings page.

  1. Once logged in, visit the Settings page here, or if on your computer, by hovering over your avatar in the top right corner and selecting Settings, or if on a mobile device, by tapping the menu icon and selecting Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the section labeled, Notifications.
  3. Here you can change whether or not to receive our:
    1. Weekly Digest: These are sent once a week, and feature upcoming events from artists or shows you're following, events that are worth your attention based on your favorite artists, and the past week's events that might be worth exploring for the future.
    2. Similar Artists: When we feel there is an upcoming event that's important based on your favorite artists, we'll let you know.
    3. Following Artists: When artists you're following announce events near you, we'll send you an email within 24 hours so you can make the appropriate plans.
  4. Don't forget to tap Save changes

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