Add an Upcoming Event

We're stoked you have an upcoming event to share. Once you're signed up with Rad Plaid, you can easily add any events you have by tapping the button in the top right corner labeled, Add Event, and follow the prompts.

We work hard to make adding an event to Rad Plaid one of the simplest in the industry and are always looking for feedback to make it better and simpler.

Add Event Steps:

  1. Artwork: If you already have artwork for your event, you can easily upload it here. If you don't yet, you can still add your event. When you select your lineup, we generate cover artwork by using each artist in the lineups photos.
  2. Information: Here you'll add your events date, door time, ticket prices, any additional links, title, description, and tags.
    • Title: If you don't have a proper title, we'll automatically create one based on your lineup.
    • Hashtags: These provide a better way to categorize your event for easier discovery by fans
  3. Lineup: In order to prevent duplicate artists, provide song previews, and make sure events are matched with the appropriate fans, we use Spotify and SoundCloud to find artists. If an artists recommended profile already exists on Rad Plaid, we'll present their option first. If someone on your lineup does not yet have recorded music, or music on either service, there is a section underneath the lineup search to select the appropriate genres and add a new artist. The more genres you can add, the better we can match these lesser known artists to the right fans.
  4. Venue: Our venue search is proudly powered by Foursquare (If you're not familiar with them, they're actually a really awesome service!). Most venues should already be in their database, however, if you're unable to find a venue you can either add them directly to Foursquare, or reach out to us and we'll make sure the venue is available.
  5. Review: Finally, look over your event. If all looks good, tap Publish. Don't sweat it if you see a mistake later, you can always come back later and edit your event.

Now, go forth and add your event.

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